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McCoy Arms warranty covers its firearms and parts. We offer Limited 3 year warranty on our products for their intended purpose. As with any product, abuse, gunsmithing by an unqualified person and normal wear and tear are excluded. Additionally, if the firearm was modified and/or repaired by an unqualified gunsmith without permission from Typhoon defense, then the warranty will be void. If warranty work should be required, return the firearm to the address listed below. There is no refund for the shipping cost. Gunsmithing services are available by registered  Gunsmithers.

If requesting warranty service, a form has to be completed by downloading and submitting the form below and submitting by email to or by mail at 55 Bradrock Dr Des Plaines, IL 60018.


Once warranty form is completed, a McCoy Arms representative will review and contact you with information about your submission within 1-3 business days.


All warranty request will be evaluated for a determination of whether it is covered by firearms warranty. See attached warranty on next page. If it is found that the firearms warranty is voided, the customer will be notified of the repair and shipping costs. At such time the customer must issue a written confirmation to proceed with the repair(s), agree to cover the costs of the repair and return shipping, or authorize the firearm to be shipped back as is, at the customer’s expense. Failure to obtain written confirmation within thirty (30) days of notification will result in the firearm being returned as is, at the customer’s expense.


Shipping Instructions

All firearms must be accompanied by the completed RMA form (previous page) and the signed terms and conditions (current page).

WARNING: FIREARMS MUST BE UNLOADED. DO NOT SHIP LIVE OR SPENT AMMUNITION WITH YOUR FIREARM AS THIS VIOLATES FEDERAL LAW. If you are an FFL or having firearm returned to an FFL, you NEED to send a copy of the FFL license with the firearm. If you do not send a copy, the firearm will not be accepted, will be returned, and you will be billed for shipping. Please include all items with the COMPLETE firearm, i.e., magazines, barrels, recoil springs. Pack the firearm well to prevent damage during transport. We are not responsible for items damaged due to inadequate packaging.


Turn Around
Turnaround is approximately four-six weeks from the date that we receive the firearm. However, turnaround time is subject to change without notice. When calling or emailing for status on a firearm that is being repaired, please have available the first and last name of the customer or name of the FFL that sent in the firearm. We reserve the right to replace or repair the firearm at our discretion.



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